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Move Over by soulspoison Move Over by soulspoison
Completion Date: 3-9-17
Time Taken: 16 hours
+ Sketched and inked in Paint Tool SAI
+ Color, textures, effects, and watermarked in Photoshop CS2

+ Lone Digger - Caravan Palace
+ Not Today - BTS
+ The Other Side - Jason Derulo
+ Into You - Ariana Grande
+ Rewind - Emma Hewitt (Mikkas Remix)
+ I Can't Make You Love Me - Priyanka Chopra

"Move over and let me show you how its done~"

Full body illustration commission for the amazingly patient Zyrena on FA of her Calantha~

Really had a lot of fun with this one! I love when clients let me run with an idea, especially if I can get a really good visual right away. Calantha is a gorgeous creature and the idea of her dancing is just A++++++ in my book. X3 It gave me a chance to play with gradient shading as well as different lighting/color effects. My absolute favorite element is the clear glowing dance pole! Definitely want to try this effect more often if I can~

Artwork © 2018 P. Simhanada Gaither (soulspoison)
Calantha © Zyrena
Star Flare brush from
Do not use without permission. Artwork copyright P. Simhanada Gaither (soulspoison), Character copyright respective owners (Zyrena); All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, and/or redistribute under penalty of law.
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